Harold’s last traditional Wind Farm faces closure as wind prices hit all time low.

British Wind for British People

British Wind for British People

There is concern among Harold residents that the recent decline in European wind prices may force the village’s last remaining wind farm to cease production.

Wind products have been a major source of income for the village with exports in excess of five million cubic metres being shipped to Scotland each year alone.

From traditional blustery gusts and nippy breezes favoured by the UK consumers to the more exotic mistrals, zephyrs and siroccos for the continental market, Harold has been at the forefront of the moving air industry for generations.

“Me dad made wind and so did me grandad”, said 81 year old veteran wind farmer, George Maberly. A tear glistens in his eye as he recounts the demise of his industry.

“In fact me grandad spent most of his waking hours with wind which upset me grandma quite a bit. They started with water powered windmills down on t’River Gluggle, now we have them big electric ones you see on t’hills”.

The influx of cheap Chinese wind products and a reduction in demand from traditional wind consuming activities such as kite flying and sailing have exacerbated the problem of over supply.

Mr Maberly holds no store on politicians’ promises to protect the British Wind Industry in the run up to the election.

“They all promise the same and do nothing; you could say it’s all just ‘hot air’.” He chuckles grimly. “Me, I think it’s just bollocks”.

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