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Pit your wits against Harold’s toughest wordmongers!

Each week, a celebrity cruciverbalist sets a cheeky conundrum for your solving pleasure! We are very excited to announce that this week’s compiler is none other than the famous “Fannybatter”, who will of course need no introduction for Guardian readers.

The first correct entry for last week’s prize crossword was received from a Mr Richard Westwell, from Brisbane. Well done Richard! Mr Westwell wins our star prize of Belgium, which is ready to collect in northern Europe (no cash alternative).

This week’s prize is weasel snot, so let’s get those entries coming in!

Send your completed entries to crossword.eveningharold@gmail.com – remember, the first correct entry received wins weasel snot, this month’s must-have home and garden accoutrement. Please be aware that the thousands of last-minute entries to last week’s competition nearly brought down our email server, so get those solutions in early, solvers!

Today’s crossword set by “Fannybatter”

Difficulty level: Easy. Very easy.



1. Hairy muff? Cream crackers! (7)

5. Female ejaculation debate? Ask your mother. (7)

9. Fur pie not in demand, we hear. (5)

10. Bishop thinks bukkake means paper-folding – should raise eyebrows! (9)

11. Beef curtains dripping for healthy spread, methinks. (10)

12. Sharon Stone flashes growler – rough tackle. (4)

14. Clitoral piercing? Welcome to Sheffield! (12)

18. Over-par golfer in wrong hole dilemma. (12)

21. Flange. (4)

22.  Felching badger leaves bristle rash incident. (10)

25. Pushing chipolata up Oxford St – call this a honeymoon?  (9)

26. Thatcher undertaker in vajazzle apology.  (5)

27. Knees up, Mother Brown! (7)

28. Flange? (7)

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