Farage insists foreign aid ‘should put British earthquakes first’


UKIP would issue everyone in Kent with an emergency flag.

Nigel Farage has condemned ‘media bias’ for encouraging the government to give foreign aid to Nepal.

Britain has pledged £5 million to the earthquake-ravaged region, money that could be ‘better spent’ on a British earthquake, if one were to happen.

UKIP opposes spending on foreign aid, because its members don’t read the ‘World’ section of newspapers.

“By shamelessly reporting about foreign countries, the media is encouraging Britons to care. And that’s not something UKIP thinks we can afford to do”, said Farage.

“I don’t see Nepal giving money to people in Thurrock who may or may not be trapped in an avalanche”, he revealed. “And that can only be for one reason: they have a news blackout.”

Farage wants to see an end to reporting that makes the UK care about overseas people, a move which could save the country over £50 billion a year.

“That’s money that could be used to close all our ports and airports, put the kettle on and pretend everything’s fine”, he suggested.

“Or we could buy everyone in Margate a St. Bernard, just in case the worst happens. They’re a good British dog, aren’t they? They don’t sound very foreign.”

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