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Court upholds ban on religious headwear – rioters balaclavas still Ok.

The European Court of Human Rights has upheld France’s ban on women wearing a veil or other full far covering for religious reasons, but say you can still cover your face for rioting reasons.

“Although they may wish to cover up for their religious beliefs and for their personal views on modesty, it is a more important human right that the far-right in France can see the Muslim they are hating,” the judge at the court said.

“However if these women still insist on covering up, then they need to join the likes of the EDL, Golden Dawn, and France’s National Front and exercise their right to don a full face balaclava to avoid being identified when setting fire to a mosque.”

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Councillor calls for ‘beard ban’ debate


Fun or mentalist?

The council should consider banning young men from wearing beards in public places such as schools, a local councillor has said.

It comes after a sensitive child was alarmed by a particularly bushy farmer, while out walking with the traditional ‘potato’.

Cllr Ron Ronsson suggested action might be needed to protect the freedom of choice for Harold boys, too young to decide for themselves whether they wanted to ‘grow the veil’.

“I think this is a good topic for debate”, said Ronsson, speaking out of his smooth face. “Although we won’t be able to hear what the beardies think because they all mumble.”
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