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Iran blocks Saudi Arabia on Facebook

Not. Speaking.

Not. Speaking.

Tensions in the Middle East have risen further today after it emerged that Iran has blocked Saudi Arabia on Facebook.

The move is the latest, and most serious, in the current diplomatic row between the two nations and follows Saudi Arabia cutting diplomatic ties with Iran after protesters ransacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran, after Saudi Arabia executed a senior Shia Muslim cleric. Continue reading

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Britain First convinced al-Murray is a Muslim

Far-right Facebook memers Britain First have called upon their members in South Thanet to vote for Nigel Farage and not “that muslim fella, al-Murray”.

“First Al-Qaeda, then al-Zawahiri, and now al-Murray, they’re taking the piss” Britain First’s chief bigot Paul Goulding said.
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Court upholds ban on religious headwear – rioters balaclavas still Ok.

The European Court of Human Rights has upheld France’s ban on women wearing a veil or other full far covering for religious reasons, but say you can still cover your face for rioting reasons.

“Although they may wish to cover up for their religious beliefs and for their personal views on modesty, it is a more important human right that the far-right in France can see the Muslim they are hating,” the judge at the court said.

“However if these women still insist on covering up, then they need to join the likes of the EDL, Golden Dawn, and France’s National Front and exercise their right to don a full face balaclava to avoid being identified when setting fire to a mosque.”

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