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Richard Dawkins’ bullying of Ahmed Mohamed dismissed as cry for attention

The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival - Day 2

Does he simply not know what he’s saying due to the culture he was raised in?

Eminent scientist turned huffy, proselytizing sideshow, Richard Dawkins, has had his motives for taking to Twitter to heap shit on a fourteen year old boy questioned, with many believing that he knew exactly what he was doing and that it was a pre-meditated attack carried out purely for attention.

“Assembling a Twitter rant is fine. Making it look like it was done as part of some great crusade for truth and isn’t a famous 74 year old man picking on a boy is not fine. Which is true?” said the first villager we found in the Squirrel Lickers, Phil Evans. Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins to join Top Gear team


He won’t be the first professor on the show. Mary Beard is The Stig

The BBC have announced that Richard Dawkins is to join the Top Gear team when the show returns for its new season.

Dawkins, who has this week ignited fresh controversy by saying that a woman who knows her child will be born with Down’s Syndrome would be immoral if she did not abort it, has frequently hit the headlines for making inflammatory statements. In July he said that date rape wasn’t as bad as stranger rape and at Easter tweeted “Hershey’s is far superior to Dairy Milk. Anyone who disagrees should go away and learn how to think.” Continue reading

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Atheists urged to stop believing in Richard Dawkins


Dawkins claimed such a situation was statistically improbable.

Atheist parents should stop reading Richard Dawkins to their children, in case they grow up thinking the world isn’t magical.

That’s the advice being given by a leading pagan, who thinks religion is OK as long as it involves drinking, dancing and some really cool tricks.

‘Although Richard is real, there’s a lot about him that’s unbelievable’ said Nigel Pendragon, a self-styled druid and ukulele enthusiast. ‘Most youngsters wouldn’t seriously think that anyone was such a joyless monster.  If you thought church was dull, wait until you bump into Dawkins at a Christmas party. He’ll go on and on about evergreens, Romans and turkeys.’
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Things ain’t what they used to be: Church says new atheists are crap


“‘Jesus is the tooth fairy for adults’ – is that the best you’ve got?”

A local bishop has attacked new atheists for their laziness. “I’m entirely bored of people saying to me that all Roman Catholic priests are kiddie-fiddlers and forwarding me copies of Willy Wonka condescension memes involving the phrase ‘beardy sky man’,” said the Most Reverend Stanislaus McNamee, Bishop of Dunstable. “Is that it? Am I honestly expected to renounce my faith over a two minute YouTube clip of George Carlin?” Continue reading


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Local Imam appeals for tolerance towards ordinary atheists after latest Dawkins outrage

Richard Dawkins: stupid in that way only very, very clever people are.

Dawkins: can’t outrage quicker than a quick tweet on Twitter

Local Iman, Qaasim Mohammed of Dunstable Central Mosque has appealed for tolerance towards ordinary atheists and asked people to remain calm in the face of the latest Twitter controversy from militant atheist Professor Richard Dawkins.

“On the first day of Eid, Richard Dawkins tweeted ‘All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge. They did great things in the Middle Ages, though.’ which is offensive in terms of timing and content but people need to remember that extremists like Dawkins while very vocal are a small minority and do not represent atheism as a whole.” Continue reading


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