Richard Dawkins to join Top Gear team


He won’t be the first professor on the show. Mary Beard is The Stig

The BBC have announced that Richard Dawkins is to join the Top Gear team when the show returns for its new season.

Dawkins, who has this week ignited fresh controversy by saying that a woman who knows her child will be born with Down’s Syndrome would be immoral if she did not abort it, has frequently hit the headlines for making inflammatory statements. In July he said that date rape wasn’t as bad as stranger rape and at Easter tweeted “Hershey’s is far superior to Dairy Milk. Anyone who disagrees should go away and learn how to think.”

Andy Wilman, Top Gear’s producer, said that he was delighted to welcome Dawkins to the team. “The Prof’s got it all,” he enthused. “He likes the ladies and he’s not afraid to call an ordinary church-goer a deluded child with the intelligence of a mollusc. His first challenge is going to really open viewers eyes. I’ll just say Dawkins, an old Ford Cortina, and Hull-to-Mecca and leave it there.”

A spokeswoman for Richard Dawkins said that he was delighted to be joining the show and looked forward to being just like Jeremy Clarkson and being able to say whatever he liked about anything no matter how offensive and never being held to account.



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