Nominated by Atos victims Duncan Smith refuses ice-bucket challenge


Being asked to point to a decent politician led to nothing but confusion

Iain Duncan Smith has become the first person in the public eye to refuse to do the ALS ice-bucket challenge.

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions had received thousands of nominations from the victims of Atos assessments and unfair benefit sanctions but has declined to take part.

The multi-millionaire was then asked how much he will donate the ALS Association as a forfeit however he made it clear that he wouldn’t be doing that either.

“Handouts are good for no one,” he said. “If people want a cure for ALS they should stop skiving and work for it.”

Duncan Smith said that he ultimately refused the challenge on health and safety grounds.

“I was told this challenge was about ice and water,” he said. “What those Atos shirkers had filled my bucket with was most definitely neither.”


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6 Responses to Nominated by Atos victims Duncan Smith refuses ice-bucket challenge

  1. Really, I always thought politicions were lying cheating scumbags but i didnt think one would stoop this low

  2. I think everyone would rather he just kick the bucket.

  3. Not as a cool customer than he thought then?

  4. What else do you expect from a coward. If he thinks he is too good for such a challenge then he could have just wiped himself down with a few of those 60 wet wipes he recently claimed £100 on his expenses

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