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C.S Lewis joins Strictly Come Dancing line-up


He’s got the music in him

Veteran Christian apologist and creator of that faun that got everyone a bit moist in the film adaptation, C.S Lewis, has been confirmed as a contestent on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

“It’s a real coup for us,” said executive producer Louise Rainbow. “Lots of people know C.S Lewis as one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century who really got to the heart of who we are with books like The Problem of Pain and The Screwtape Letters. What they may be surprised to learn is that he can rumba like a bastard.” Continue reading

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Things ain’t what they used to be: Church says new atheists are crap


“‘Jesus is the tooth fairy for adults’ – is that the best you’ve got?”

A local bishop has attacked new atheists for their laziness. “I’m entirely bored of people saying to me that all Roman Catholic priests are kiddie-fiddlers and forwarding me copies of Willy Wonka condescension memes involving the phrase ‘beardy sky man’,” said the Most Reverend Stanislaus McNamee, Bishop of Dunstable. “Is that it? Am I honestly expected to renounce my faith over a two minute YouTube clip of George Carlin?” Continue reading


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