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‘I stung PM not to punish but to enable’ says jellyfish


Jellyfish: apparently the top 1% own more of the sea than the other 99% combined.

The jellyfish who yesterday stung David Cameron as he swam off Arrieta beach in Lanzarote has denied intentionally upsetting him. Continue reading


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Council demands health labels on wasps


Health and Safety nightmare

In a move aimed at reducing wasted picnic time and repetitive shooing injuries, Councillor Ron Ronsson is calling for compulsory health warnings on wasps. From Friday, even small wasps will need to be labelled, while non-complaint ones will  be seized in a sting operation.

Critics of the legislation have claimed that labelling won’t prevent victims from injury, and are calling instead for an outright ban on the vindictive, stripy little bastards. But the wasp control industry opposes such a move, which could threaten the citronella factory in nearby Felching.
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