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“Fatty musn’t look like an arse this time”: Portugal ordered to cull jellyfish before Cameron has a dip in the sea


Constant vigilance: Dave eyes up other potential sea-dwelling assaults on his dignity

Authorities in Cascais, Portugal have been ordered to cull jellyfish ahead of David Cameron taking a holiday swim. The Prime Minister is currently enjoying his second holiday abroad in four months and is anxious not to repeat the moment last time when he strode into the sea only to be swiftly stung and ejected by a jellyfish. Continue reading

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‘I stung PM not to punish but to enable’ says jellyfish


Jellyfish: apparently the top 1% own more of the sea than the other 99% combined.

The jellyfish who yesterday stung David Cameron as he swam off Arrieta beach in Lanzarote has denied intentionally upsetting him. Continue reading


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