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Black Friday chaos continues with passive / aggressive jibe in aisle 3 of local Waitrose

waitrosePolice were nearly called to the Harpenden Waitrose after a conversation between two customers over who should have the last jar of sacla organic pesto ended with a passive / aggressive jibe.

“The debate seemed civilised at first, with what seemed like routine pleasantries”, said Waitrose assistant manager Julie Fleck.

“But then the slightly older lady took the jar and said ‘it goes with your hair’ and then ‘you need it more than me’ as she placed it in the slightly younger lady’s trolley. The slightly older lady then marched off to aisle 4 and bought 10 blocks of our most expensive cheeses.”
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‘No regrets’ insists man who bought camel on Black Friday


Hello, can I interest you in a bargain?

A man who got carried away in Black Friday’s shopping frenzy and ended up buying a camel has insisted he does not regret his unplanned purchase.

Project Manager Norman Mellor, from the village of Harold, set out for the midnight sales in nearby Dunstable intending to snag a 46″ Faptronic LCD TV with 3D and soundboard, but was disappointed to find out that everyone else had the same idea, and there were no televisions left.

“I admit to being a bit caught up in the moment,” conceded Mellor, “There were bargains everywhere and I was desperate to get a good deal. I toyed with a Dyson, but we’ve already got four and I couldn’t really justify it. Then I saw the camel.”

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Going to die this weekend? Local undertaker offers Black Friday discounts

Black Friday picHarold’s best (and only) firm of Funeral Directors have announced a Black Friday special promotion with a range of tempting discounts for anyone having the misfortune of bereavement this weekend.

“We thought we’d join the Black Friday trend and I must say our special deals are to die for,” proprietor Carmen Hilton told the Evening Harold. “So if you have an elderly bed blocker who is selfishly delaying the inevitable this could be the perfect time to gently suggest to them that if they shuffled off now they could save the family a small fortune.”

Ms Hilton stressed the advantages of the current offer which expires on Sunday. “If you call us before the end of the day, we can have them in the ground before December,” she said brightly. Continue reading

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Retailers prepare for another busy Christmas shopping day, Man Monday


Garages expect their peak trading to be 7pm Christmas Eve

After Cyber Monday and Black Friday, two of the biggest shopping days online and on the High Street, shops and garages all over the UK are bracing themselves for Man Monday. The day, which this year falls just two days before Christmas, sees 90% of men start their Christmas shopping.

The British Retail Consortium say although this may not be the most profitable day of the shopping year, it is a great chance for them to get rid of the tat that didn’t sell before the Boxing Day sales.

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