Retailers prepare for another busy Christmas shopping day, Man Monday


Garages expect their peak trading to be 7pm Christmas Eve

After Cyber Monday and Black Friday, two of the biggest shopping days online and on the High Street, shops and garages all over the UK are bracing themselves for Man Monday. The day, which this year falls just two days before Christmas, sees 90% of men start their Christmas shopping.

The British Retail Consortium say although this may not be the most profitable day of the shopping year, it is a great chance for them to get rid of the tat that didn’t sell before the Boxing Day sales.

“Man Monday is a great chance for retailers to dispose of things nobody usually buys without the use of a skip and even take money for the items” a BRC spokesperson told us.

“For example, last year Marks and Spencer got rid of 1,500 litres of out of date balsamic vinegar by repackaging as perfume and telling men their wives would love it.

“They got a present for the lady in their lives so no longer had to walk around aimlessly and the shop got rid of a product no longer fit for human consumption. Everyone’s a winner.”

Locally, shops have been getting ready for the rush that will last right up until 9pm Christmas Eve. The busiest business around Harold is traditionally the BP on the A-road to Dunstable.

“We spend a few weeks building up to the last minute Christmas rush” the forecourt manager told us. “We are now fully stocked up with all the things a loving husband can buy his wife at the last minute.

“We have boxes of chocolates with only the coffee flavour ones left, bunches of dead flowers and everyone’s favourite seasonal gift, the ‘2 for £10’ folding chair.”

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