‘Moderate’ Christians everywhere urged to condemn Planned Parenthood terrorist


“Let’s hush this up, Queenie baby!”

The myth that Christianity is a peace-loving gentle religion was shattered today after moderate Christians the world over pointedly failed to condemn extreme Christian terrorists who shamefully massacred several people in Colorado.

Instead of sending out a strong message to the faithful, Christian community leaders chose to implicitly support the Colorado massacre by their refusal to denounce it.

One Christian leader, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, head of the murky “Church of England”, claimed she was too busy ruling her people to comment, but it was “nothing to do with one”.

A leader of another so-called Christian cult, Pope Francis of Rome, seemed bewildered at being asked to comment on outrages clearly committed in his name.

“Just because we tell people how to behave,” he insisted, “You can’t blame us when the nutters go and take it literally. Do we say that people who have abortions will burn in hell? Well, yes. But do we mean it literally? Well, yes but no but.”

“What we’re trying to say is that we utterly condemn these terrible actions, committed for reasons we absolutely support.”

“We hope that clears it up. Now, these Muslims, eh?”

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