‘Phuc Dat Bich’ was hoax, admits Mr Sniff Mi Kok


We feel your pain, Sniff Mi Kok

An Australian calling himself Phuc Dat Bich, who made global headlines after saying he was fighting to use his real name on Facebook, admits it was hoax.

The man, whose real name happens to be Sniff Mi Kok, admitted to journalists today that his joke name was merely a hoax used to highlight the difficulties faced by people with amusing names.

“Luckily I do not have an amusing name, and so I have never faced these problems,” explained Sniff Mi Kok to a room full of unusually silent, fidgeting journalists.

“But I know what it is to be ridiculed for the accident of birth which is ones name. My Grandmother, Lik Dis Krutch, faced nothing but prejudice in her attempt to be a high court judge, and my cousin Tung Mi But had a very hard time when he first started working at the United Nations.

“Thank heavens for countries like the United Kingdom, where people are far more open-minded. My uncle, I’m-A Nasty Racist Bastard, has been welcomed into your UKIP party with open arms.”

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