Welsh Assembly accidentally bans electronics from all public spaces


Electronics ban could set Wales back ‘weeks’

There was embarrassment in the Welsh Assembly last night, after MPs accidentally voted to ban electronics from all public spaces.

The motion had been intended to tackle e-cigs, or ‘electronic cigarettes’ that act as a tobacco replacement. But with no word for ‘e-cig’ in the Welsh language, what they actually voted for was a ban on 21st Century technology.

“It hasn’t affected us as much as you might think”, said first minister Carwyn Jones. “Although we have had to invest in something called an ‘extension lead’. It’s an elegant and flexible solution to a very modern problem. Namely, ‘how can we put the DVLA Amstrad computer out in the garden?’.”

The move comes just months after politicians voted to invest heavily in Welsh keyboards, which are now redundant as a result of the ban.

“We’re looking to sell them on, we’ve got over 25,000 of them in our warehouse”, admitted Jones. “But we’re not sure who else would buy them.”

“They’re pretty similar to an English keyboard but a little less vowel-centric. And the keys for P, W and L are heavily reinforced.”

Jones hopes to strike a deal with an IT firm in Pakistan. “I’m no expert on their language but I have watched an episode of Citizen Khan”, he revealed. “And to be honest, are accents are virtually identical.”

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