Injunction prevents Daily Mail publishing saucy beach shots of Eric Pickles

Being a responsible news organ we can't publish 'The Photo' but this should give you the general idea.

Being a responsible news organ we can’t publish ‘The Photos’ but this should give you the general idea.

The nation breathed a collective sigh of relief when a court injunction was awarded yesterday preventing the Daily Mail’s from publishing a collection of photos of Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles, enjoying a relaxing beach holiday with his wife, Irene, ahead of this week’s Conservative Party Conference.

Alongside the banned photographs, the Mail had intended to publish a story commenting upon his ‘unbelievable body’ and ‘skimpy beach shorts’.

The attempt to publish the snaps is the latest controversy following the Mail’s decision to replicate the success of the paper’s show business section by transferring the team to the political section, as the Mail misguidedly strives for recognition as serious heavyweight newspaper.

Revealing shots of a recent Ed Balls’ side boob display, Anne Widdecombe’s chest hair and Nick Clegg’s spineless back have already been published to general public revulsion.

Rival journalists have suggested that the Mail’s team, missing the glamour of following wannabes around the world have been deliberately publishing photographs of politicians from unfamiliar angles; however the team themselves insist that there is very little difference between celebrities and politicians. “They all want recognition and fame,” said one insider. “It’s just that politicians are generally older and uglier.”

A spokesman for the Daily Mail said “We maintain that the pictures were in the public interest since they cover a broad range of important issues, such as obesity, invading sandy places and, of course, whale hunting.”

“And anyway, the pictures weren’t saucy in the sense everyone imagines. That was journalistic licence. It’s just that Mr Pickles had just demolished a triple decker beef burger and his chops were smeared with tomato ketchup. We suspect that was the real reason that the court issued the injunction.”

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