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PM whose party won 23.4% of vote says today’s strike is illegitimate

Stop wanting a better quality of life, you lot. It’s upsetting Dave

A million public sector workers are set to strike today however David Cameron has called this action selfish and damaging.

“It’s not fair,” the Prime Minister said. “The truth is that there are a small group of people and they tend to be ideologically motivated and they are opposed to what me and my much smaller group of deeply ideologically motivated chums are doing.” Continue reading

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Postman Pat ‘dismayed’ to be latest cartoon character privatised


Postman Pat has spoken of his dismay at being the last children’s TV character to be privatised. This latest selling off of a public owned service has seen residents in Greendale concerned that their friendly local postie may not be allowed to carry out tasks irrelevant to his job of posting letters and delivering parcels in the future.

Speaking from his disproportionate head, Pat said: “I have spent many years helping the local farmer catch his livestock, building tunnels for hedgehogs and saving the village’s kids from all sorts of trouble, all on work’s time.”
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