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Hijacker photo man in ‘reckless’ Trump campaign team selfie

trump innes

Could explode at any moment

The man who posed for a picture with a hijacker has been criticised for his latest dangerous stunt – getting a selfie only metres away from Donald Trump’s campaign team.

The original image of Ben Innes grinning next to his captor on the Egyptair flight went viral on social media, leading Innes to seek “even more risky challenges”, he told journalists.

Innes reportedly travelled to Wisconsin, where the Republican candidates are campaigning ahead of next Tuesday’s primary, and took advantage of a lull in the vitriol to leap in front of Donald Trump’s team and take a selfie.

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Nick Clegg claims silent iPhone ‘must have been hijacked’


Did it just ring? No? Must have been crickets.

Nick Clegg has claimed his mobile has been hijacked by hackers, after it failed to ring for the fifth consecutive day.

Despite there being no ransom message or changes to the basic functions of Clegg’s iPhone, no-one has contacted him for nearly 120 hours.

‘There’s definitely something wrong with it’, revealed Clegg, as he checked his voicemail again. ‘I’m sure Vince Cable would have called by now to tell me I’m doing a good job.’

‘And there should definitely be some text messages from all my ex-MEPs, thanking me for my hard work, dedication and support.’

Clegg has tried making a handful of outgoing calls, but told us that this wasn’t working either.
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