Jeremy Corbyn offers Owen Smith job as Labour Party gimp.


Taking one for the team.

Casting aside his opponent’s offer of a role as party president, Mr Corbyn has told Owen Smith that when, sorry if, he is re-elected as party leader, his erstwhile challenger will be given a new honourary position of his own; that of dominated rubber clad party bitch.

The still relatively unknown challenger, Mr…something or other…is the latest scapegoat to be forced to cut short his political career in the interests of trying to stop the Blairist Nu Labour movement from losing its place in the party, having already lost the majority of Labour voters years ago.

Since Angela Eagle, the woman who was to press conferences what bacon sandwiches were to Ed Miliband stepped down from the leadership contest, things have really started to heat up; from a thrilling one horse race to a certain victory for the present leader.

Mr Corbyn hopes that his grass roots support will be enough to ensure he remains in the top job, while Mr Smith has been preparing for his big career move within the party by trying out some skin tight leather underpants .

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