Bilbo Baggins throws his ring in with Labour.

Put a ring on this Cameron.

Put a ring on this Cameron.

Diminutive pot smoking, dragon baiting, hole dwelling dwarf fancier Bilbo Baggins has come out in support of the Labour Party for this year’s general election.

The pint sized adventurer has made a special video outlining why he believes Labour can win on trolling day 7th May 2015.

‘Who else will stand up to the Orcs of Conservatism?’ exclaimed the eleventy-one year old. ‘Who else can keep the Shire free from all the queer folk of Liberal Democracy?’.

‘Vote for Miliband the Red this May and ensure Middle Earth remains a place for ordinary, decent folk to go about their everyday business tilling the good earth, tending their animals and stopping at the Golden Perch on their way home to have a well earned pint, eat a slice of Rosie Cotton’s seed cake and watch a half decent Elvish Impersonator’.

Critics have panned the video saying that anyone with a secret hoard of dragon’s gold stuffed inside his hole can’t be a true Labour supporter. But Mr Baggins is not to be moved.

‘I was brought up to believe in community, support for the elderly, a strong health service and jobs for the unemployed. These things are…preciousss’.

Miliband the Red is hoping to win an outright victory to avoid having to go into partnership with the evil men of the north. But political experts believe that a whole sackful of magic rings won’t be enough to guarantee the outcome.

BBC political editor, Nick Robinson was heard to say that predicting the outcome of this general election is proving to be absolute mordor.

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