Far-right group calls for points of compass to be renamed to ‘confuse Muslamics’


Look at them, threatening UK society with their friendship and truly amazing eyebrows, will no one think of the children?

An offshoot of the BNP called Prime Britain is campaigning to have the points of the compass renamed in the belief that this will mean devout Muslims won’t know where Mecca is when they come to pray.

“We’re taking a stand for all decent British people whose way of life is under threat,” said Prime Britain leader Kev Gadsby. “This is a Christian country and Muslamics have no right to be facing another country or town or whatever like it’s better or something.”

Prime Britain wants a law passed officially renaming the points of the compass North, Hurst, Churchill and Lovely Little Prince George.

“We’re keeping North because we’re proud Norseman, but British ones. We”re not from Norse and if anyone says we are we’ll do ’em,” Gadsby explained. “And the other three stand for what’s best about Britain. All white, all men. But we’re not poofs: woman in the home, men out achieving that’s proper. And better cause like the Muslims don’t let their women do nothing which is out of order.”

Wearing his Prime Britain branded balaclava and ranting about niqabis Gadsby said that the points of the compass renaming was not born of racist ideology.

“We’re not racist,” he insisted. “We’re patriots. That’s like having pride in who you are and good communities and working hard. You can’t tell me the Muslamics know anything about that.”

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