BBC Scheduler sacked for mentioning ‘n-word’ (N*** Edmonds)


SHOCKING: Society no longer considers some words acceptable.

Scheduler Tony Jacobs, responsible for the BBC’s light entertainment output, has been sacked for accidentally mentioning the ‘n-word’, N*** Edmonds.

The n-word is considered the most offensive phrase to TV audiences, particularly those old enough to remember Mr Blobby.

“Our Saturday night schedule might be rather second rate at the moment, but that’s no excuse to start bandying about the n-word”, said acting chairman Diane Coyle.

“It’s degrading to our culture, it’s degrading to anyone who still buys a television licence. But most of all, it’s degrading to those who had to work with the c***.”
N*** Edmonds was once considered acceptable to British TV audiences, because people drank more heavily back then and there was a lot of lead in the water.

More than three complaints were made to the BBC following the outburst, two of which came from the scheduler himself.

“I don’t know how it happened, perhaps it was frontal lobe amnesia”, said Jacobs. “A lot of us in the scheduling department do tend to have head injuries.”

“But it won’t happen again, we’re hoping to book Patrick Kielty to host the return of ‘N-‘s House Party’. We just need to persuade him to black up first, so we can make the BBC appear a touch more diverse.”

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