The Beast of Harold (an unsolved mystery)

Beast of Harold  (artist's impression)

Beast of Harold (artist’s impression)

Villagers on the outskirts of Harold spoke yesterday of their fear and horror after numerous sightings of a mysterious beast were reported.

Residents spoke of hearing a continuous low growl, the sound of claws scraping over stone, a heavy chain dragging and other sinister and otherworldly noises.

Those who saw what has been called The Beast of Harold, describe it as a large, dog-like dark-furred animal, around the size of a Shetland pony and with amber eyes which blazed an iridescent green in torchlight.

Local farmer Phil Evans told of his horror after he encountered the creature as he made his way home from checking on some of his experimental crops.

“I was just heading home after testing some sample crops, when I heard heavy panting and what sounded like a thick chain being dragged coming from just behind me. I turned to see what was there and saw a flash of bright green as my torch shone in this thing’s eyes, at first I thought it was a dog but the head seemed was above my waist-height. Fearing for my life, I turned to run for home, but this beast quickly drew level with me. I was positive it was going to rip my throat out, but I just felt a gentle lick of a warm tongue on my arm as it passed, and then it was lost to sight.”

Other villagers who sighted the animal refused to be named, only telling us that there have long been rumours of a Beast of Harold, a centuries old tale of a large creature roaming the countryside, occasionally licking the hands of those it encounters. One even suggested it might be Harold’s own ‘Loch Ness Monster’, and that the true mystery may never be solved.

In other news: two members of Visit Harold tourist board have pled not guilty to the theft of a large family dog, reflective contact lenses and a large link metal chain.

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