Missing jet: Malaysia tells China to check Tiananmen Square

tiananmensquareAfter days of enduring Chinese criticism that it is hiding crucial details about missing jet MH370, Malaysia has hit back by suggesting that China look for the jet in Tiananmen Square.

Malaysian officials say Tiananmen Square is the Asian equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle, and seems to mysteriously suck peace-loving people into it without leaving any trace of them behind.

“Tiananmen Square is easily big enough for a plane to land in – after all it can accommodate 1,000 large Army tanks at the same time” said an un-named official. “The Chinese need to make sure they have searched there properly before lecturing us about openness.”

The Malaysian official also ‘helpfully’ suggested that if China needed any more information about Tiananmen Square to conduct the search, it might want to use Google rather than Baidu. And China might also want to check Tibet just to be on the safe side.

Asian political commentator Yon Wang said the Chinese leadership often left themselves wide open to ironic attacks, but the implied threat of withholding cheap TVs usually meant other countries bit their tongues.

“The Malaysian attack is quite astonishing – don’t they realise that affordable 4k Ultra High Definition TVs are just around the corner? Are they really pinning their hopes on Samsung and LG?”

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