Boris’ plan to remove radicalised children backfires as Eton’s raided


Boris Johnson’s plans to have radicalised children removed from their home seems to have backfired when social workers began taking children out of his old school, Eton.

The Mayor of London said the idea was to try to rehabilitate people that have been brainwashed into thinking they are somehow better than everyone else, and were likely to try and harm others in later years.

“As soon as we were made aware of the scheme we looked around the community to identify any radicalised children,” the head of social services in Windsor told us.

“A few interviews with children boarding at Eton school highlighted an epidemic of youngsters who had an intolerance of anyone not like them and at high risk of becoming radical Tories.

“It was clear they would be willing to support radical actions such as a bedroom tax and align themselves to terror organisations like ATOS.”

The report that led to the children being saved from the boarding school said the problems were so bad by the age of 13, many were visiting training camps to prepare themselves for the Bullingdon Club.

Previous radicalised Tories from the school have gone on to make the ultimate sacrifice; giving up a job in the city with the promise of a place in the cabinet surrounded by 72 virgins.

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