Mad Pistorius tries to turn murder trial into Oscar Ceremony

oscarFears were expressed for the mental health of athlete Oscar Pistorius, after he bounded into his trial kissed the guard on both cheeks and launched into an acceptance speech thanking “the producers, my parents and, of course, my wonderful girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, without who none of this would have been possible.”

Medical experts believe that Pistorius, the self-styled Blade Runner, may be suffering from a condition known as Oscar Fever which leaves victims believing they are starring in a movie and events of everyday real life are a screenplay they are acting out. It is a common affliction in places such as Hollywood.

“Having watched him in the trial or ‘ceremony’ as he insists upon calling it, it is clear that Pistorius is showing all the signs of a severe attack,” said one eminent psychologist. “He is showing classic symptoms such as calling everyone ‘darling’, kissing them and frequently breaking into tears.”

“Did you notice how he responded to the cross examination?” asked the psychologist. “He broke off and petulantly asked the prosecutor ‘Can you remind me of my motivation in this scene?’”

Oscar Fever is named after the playwright Oscar Wilde but is often confused with the Oscar Peterson, the controversial black musician who was trapped in a grand piano for over a decade. Peterson’s plight was depicted in the recent award winning film ‘12 Years a Stave.’

Legal observers believe that Pistorius’ defence will concentrate on his diminished responsibility due to the Oscar Fever that he was suffering when Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead. Only time will tell if he is a good enough actor to pull it off.

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