The evidence! Ten damning facts about Harriet Harman’s dark past

HHMore startling evidence has emerged of Harriet Harman’s links to the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange. After several minutes’ investigation, the Evening Harold has come up with ten facts that the Deputy Labour Leader will struggle to deny.

1. Harriet Harman lives in London which is full of paedophiles. She is bound to have walked past one in the street or worse sat next to one on public transport. Try denying that one!

2. Harriet Harman is an MP and they are all dodgy in one way or another.

3. Even more damning, she represents Peckham in Parliament. We all know Peckham is a full of criminals. You only have to watch old episodes of “Only Fools and Horses” for evidence.

4. Harriet Harman has been linked to PIEs since a steak and kidney one baked by her grandmother in 1954.

5. Harriet Harman is an anagram of “Errant rim? Ha-ha!” a clear indictment of her cavalier attitude to deviant anal licking. And probably another reason why she chose to keep her sordid maiden name

6. It gets worse! Her husband, Jack Dromey, is an MP too! (See 2 above).

7. Jack Dromey had a beard in the 1970’s which was pretty creepy then.

8. Harriet Harman doesn’t use her married name. Why not? Is she ashamed of her husband for some reason?

9. She religiously followed the advice of Jimmy Savile by ‘Clunk clicking every trip’ and letting the ‘Train take the strain’.

10. Make up your own No. 10; it’s bound to be published in the Daily Mail before long.

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