Winter Campaign: Recycle Your Fat And Save a Skinny


Have you ever wondered how to dispose of excess cooking fat without clogging the sewers or your arteries?

Do you wish you George Foreman grill could be a ‘lean, green, death reducing, smugness machine’?

Well, Harold council have the solution to all your problems this winter with their new

‘Recycle Your Fat And Save a Skinny’ campaign

RYFASS offers you the opportunity to send the left over oil from your frying pan, or the fat that drips off your healthy grilling machine to someone less fortunate and less well-built than you.

With energy prices at a record high, and availability of thick jumpers for 9 stone adults at a record low, many ‘skinnies’ will freeze this winter unless, like a turkey, they are fattened up for Christmas.

Although many skinnies lead a healthy lifestyle that may see them live longer than the average, well-insulated person, they are at severe risk of freezing to death when the temperature falls below 4 degrees Celsius.

By leaving your unwanted fat out with your weekly recycling, the RYFASS team can ensure your unwanted fat gets spread on the carrot sticks and diluted in the mineral water of those who really need it.

Your greasy donation can help a skinny become obese, leaving them feeling snug and warm on the outside, whilst you feel smug and warm on the inside.

So to help avoid us having a village full of hypothermic skinnies suffering from knee-knocking related injuries, remember to ‘Recycle Your Fat And Save a Skinny‘.

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