Royal College of Administrators complain members ‘drowning in nursing’

Stethoscope-2 copyThe Royal College of Administrators has come out to today and asked for a review into the amount of nursing its members are currently having to perform.

Off its 1.2 million NHS workers surveyed, 67.4% said they spend up to 22 hours a week giving basic first aid, post-operative care, and working in triage

Most of those surveyed also believe the amount of nursing they are expected to do is increasing and stopping them providing a decent level of administrative support.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has already announced he will review the amount of nursing currently being carried out in hospitals up and down the country.

“We should not be in a position in this bureaucratic nation where caring for the ill gets in the way of form filling and due diligence” he told reporters.

“Our aim is to reduce the amount of nursing in the NHS by a third before the end of this term of government. That is one target I think we will actually hit.”

One office junior explained to us the impact the extra nursing has had on her day-to-day job. “We have paperwork that will not fill itself but because of the lack of nurses in the NHS, our job now feels like it is just one big ‘bum wiping’ exercise.”

The General Secretary for the RCA says this survey shows what a shocking amount of administrators time was being wasted on unnecessary nursing and health care.

“Yes, some aspects of looking after people and occasionally saving lives is important, but patients want our members ticking boxes, not by their bedside”.

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