Anti-Thatcher protesters get their own ‘red button’ coverage

Interactive protest only on the BBC

Interactive protest only on the BBC

With arguments raging over the impartiality of the BBC since the death of Baroness Thatcher, ‘Auntie’ has decided to make the coverage of the funeral interactive, with a protest ‘red button’ feature.

Those who hold fond views of Thatcher will still get the favourable coverage on the main BBC1 channel. However those looking to show their dislike for her can protest from the comfort of their own home.

“Pressing the red button will give you access to ‘protest cam’”, BBC1 controller Danny Cohen told reporters. “This is a dedicated view from the service, but facing the other way. We can guarantee you can sit through over three hours of coverage, without seeing a bloody thing.”

In addition to the the back-turning element, there is also an option to protest in a more retro ’80s style. Pressing the blue button will throw a brick at the cortège and the yellow one will light a fire in an old oil drum.

“But by far the most realistic ‘anti-Thatcher’ interactive feature is saved for the green button on your remote”, Cohen continued. “That one puts you in the thick of it, with ‘police brutality’ cam. The viewpoint from this camera is from the floor looking up at a copper beating the shit out of you.”

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