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PM: Conservative land-banking policy is ‘completely different’ from Labour land-banking policy

“I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.” [did I say that out loud?]

Theresa May has confirmed that her government’s innovative plan to force property developers to develop property is nothing like Labour’s discredited socialist plan to force property developers to develop property.

“Nothing has changed, nothing has changed.” insisted the PM, before being re-booted by her adviser.

“Labour’s ridiculous out-of-touch plans, which we cut and pasted into our strategy document yesterday, bore no resemblance to our shiny new Continue reading

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Housing Crisis: Huge rise in people living inside whales


Family home and granny flat

As Tory millionaires with at least two homes each gleefully reduce council house stock and preside over a housing market more out of control than Kim Jong-un at a cheeseboard, more and more people are setting up home inside whales.

“It’s embarrassing,” nurse Toni Morris told us. “I’m thirty and been working full time since uni but there’s no way I can get on the housing ladder. I never thought I’d find myself ‘doing a Jonah’ but here I am.” Continue reading

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Unused left-hand lane of M1 to be dug up and used for affordable homes


Sticking to the middle lane gives me the option to doze off

The Department for Transport says the ‘unproductive’ left hand lane and grass verges of the UK’s busiest motorway will be redeveloped for social and affordable homes.

“We were going to teach people to drive properly but when Hammond called for more departmental cuts I thought ‘why bother?'” said minister, Chris Grayling.

“As the former justice minister I’m used to destroying redundant structures, such as the prison service. In fact I might pop along help with this. I’ve still got the sledge hammer I used on the Legal Aid system Continue reading

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North Face launches compression sack for London tenants

north face bag

Enough room to swing a vacuum-packed cat.

London’s rental crisis could be eased, by compressing tenants into tiny bags.

That’s the claim of North Face, the popular survival brand behind a new sack that allows up to 15 people to squeeze into even the smallest stairwell.

Made from a breathable fabric that leaves occupants comfortable even if they soil themselves in the night, the highly sought-after device is already sold out in most desirable postcodes.

Originally designed to make sleeping bags small so they can be carried by scouts and ramblers, engineers discovered they could compress an average-sized human by making the straps just a little thicker.
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All-night tubes will solve London’s housing crisis, says Boris Johnson


Lots of space and centrally located. Who could ask for anything more?

London, a city that currently has as many affordable houses as Kanye West has humble thoughts, is to offer a new living solution to those who aren’t swimming in coin when the tube begins running a twenty-four hour service.

“There are people out there too lazy to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, earn a decent wage and buy a house,” said Boris Johnson. “But anyone can afford an Oyster card. And once on the tube permanent commuters, or ‘pooters’ as we’ll be branding them in a series of charming cartoons voiced by Joanna Lumley and David Walliams, can enjoy a luxury moving home right in the heart of our fabulous Qatari-owned capital.” Continue reading

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