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Disgust as BBC fails to mention the war for a bit

war family

What did you do during the war programme, daddy?

Complaints have flooded in to the BBC website, after it was revealed that the war wasn’t mentioned for nearly a whole afternoon.

Despite Britain being in Europe and us All Being Friends Now, it’s generally accepted that the Nazi Menace should be dwelled upon on at least every hour and more often at weekends.

“I was appalled”, revealed local pensioner Doris Kettle. “I rely on the BBC’s Rolling Old News Channel for some comfort in these unthreatening times. But then last Thursday, they didn’t so much as a mention rationing or them brainboxes in Bletchley. They should warn us if they’re not going to do that: I assumed the war had restarted.”

Doris was eventually tracked down to a corrugated structure in her garden and calmed by relatives who coaxed her out with a banana and an old tin of ham. But that wasn’t before she’d blacked out her windows, killed her pets and reported her neighbour for being a Trotskyist agitator.
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Retired German brothers restore V2 rocket

V2 Rocket

Organizers advise spectators to wear ear muffs

Two brothers from Harold’s German twin town of Koch have successfully restored a V2 rocket.

Despite us all being friends now, the brothers share a love of WW2 technology and are keen to demonstrate their superior engineering.

The projectile, which features an ethanol powerplant, a primitive guidance system and 200 kilos of high explosive, could be the first one of its type to fly for nearly 70 years.

“We have worked on this project for several years now”, said Klaus Hummel. “There are none of these magnificent machines currently in service, we think it will go down rather well at one of your popular airshows.”
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