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Painkillers to be reviewed after Ukip’s Kerry Smith claims they made him a prejudiced arse


WARNING: can cause doziness. Do not attempt to drive or operate a political party when taking this drug

NICE are holding an urgent review into the use of painkillers Fascistadine, Bigotol and Powellcetomol as well as the sedative Insularin. This follows claims by Kerry Smith that taking them turned him into a racist and homophobic cock-womble. He also pinned the blame firmly on the drugs for his misogyny and possession of a level of arrogance that would make Kanye West blush.  Continue reading

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UKIP clarifies “Nothing unusual, Kerry Smith is a prick about everything.”


I don’t suppose you’ve got a spare fag?

UKIP has explained that a phone call in which Kerry Smith, their South Basildon and Thurrock parliamentary candidate, made light-hearted, racist and homophobic remarks shouldn’t be taken out of context ‘because he’s always like that’.

Patrick O’Flynn, UKIP MEP, told the Evening Harold that the call had been made while Smith was sedated and not speaking or even thinking rationally. “In fact,” said O’Flynn “it was about then that Kerry joined UKIP, which rather backs up his story.” Continue reading

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