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“Cutting benefits part of a moral mission”, fibs Cameron

pinocchio-daveThere were a few errors fibs in David Cameron’s welfare speech published today so the Evening Harold offers readers a corrected version.

David Cameron says he is giving unemployed Britons “new hope and responsibility” *snigger* by cutting benefit payments bank excesses and claims his welfare banking reforms are part of a “moral mission” for the country.

The Prime Minister’s comments were in response to Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic, the Most Rev Vincent Vince Nichols, who said recent changes had left many in “hunger and destitution” *well ship some gold panels over from the Vatican then Vince*.
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“Keep your money in a sock”: Miliband outlines plans for banking reform


The more wealthy among us can also use the Royal Bank of Mattress

In a speech at the University of London later on today, Labour leader Ed Miliband will criticise the current culture of banks being too big to fail and outline his plans for financial reform, a key part of which being that everyone should simply keep their money in a sock until this whole mess blows over. Continue reading

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