Sad irony as DiCaprio eaten by bear

Exit stage left...

Exit stage left…

In what is already being called one of the biggest shocks of this year’s Oscars, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, fresh from finally winning ‘best actor’, has been tragically eaten by a bear as he returned home.

It is a cruel irony that DiCaprio should meet this fate immediately after ending his long wait for the award, especially as bear attacks are so rare in modern Los Angeles. It is possible that the actor might have disregarded recent police reminders not to step on the cracks in the pavement.

Some critics have pointed out that it is actually pretty amusing that this should happen after the beary subject matter of his recent movie, while others have merely suggested that the hungry bear was a film lover.

“It wasn’t even the one from the movie,” lamented DiCaprio’s manager. “That I could understand, but this was just some bear, you know?”

Many people believe that the actor was doomed to lose his life in a movie-themed incident, after a string of near-misses in the past.

Shortly after starring in Titanic, DiCaprio almost choked on an iced bun, and the star was lucky to escape injury in a train wreck after making Revolutionary Road.

The bear was captured by police, sedated and humanely offered a part in the next Guy Ritchie movie.

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