Katie Hopkins outraged by Donald Trump’s ‘respected columnist’ slur

Do I look like a 'respected columnist?'

Do I look like a ‘respected columnist?’

Katie Hopkins is furious Donald Trump called her a ‘respected columnist’ instead of her proper title ‘Queen of intolerant bile’.

Hopkins, who hates everyone, said ‘respected columnist’ made it sound like she writes for the Times, or worse still, the Guardian.

“I don’t ‘write’, I spit out bile into a receptacle known as the Daily Mail”, frothed Hopkins.

“I’ve gone out of my way to insult Muslims, fat people, fat Muslims, working class kids, fat working class Muslim kids, and the hideous Lily Allen. To then be called a ‘respected columnist’ is a real kick in the guts, which is pretty painful because I don’t have the layers of fat that Gemma Collins and Kelly Clarkson have.”

An incandescent Hopkins continued, “I used to admire Donald Trump as he laid into Mexicans, liberals, and Muslims, and fat lefty Mexican Muslims, but after his ‘respected columnist’ jibe I can’t stand the man.”

“Donald Trump is nothing but a caring, intellectual, mainstream US Presidential candidate.”

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