Business as usual for Christopher Lee following his un-death

Fangs for the memory ...

Fangs for the memory …

The inconvenience of death will not interrupt the amazing career of Christopher Lee who, according to his agent, was signed up to star in a Zombie blockbuster movie only moments after the announcement of his undeath from supernatural causes.

“For many actors, stepping over to the other side is something of a setback to their career, but for Christopher, it will be business as usual,” said his agent Morticia De’ath. “The offers have been flooding in since news of his demise came through.”

“As well as the zombie movie, Chris has been snapped up by a major funeral director to endorse their luxury line of coffins,” she continued morbidly. “Who wouldn’t want to be interred in a Christopher Lee Dracula Deluxe coffin lined with luxurious damask silk with the hope of midnight resurrection? Although you wouldn’t be able to go out in daylight any longer, it wouldn’t be much different from living in somewhere like Newcastle.”

Ms De’ath confirmed Mr Lee will be talking about his new role at a press séance which will be held in the crypt shortly after midnight. Those who are planning to attend should knock twice for yes at the creaky chapel door.

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