Elizabeth Hurley named as Britain’s national bird

Look at the beak on that!

Look at the beak on that!

The news that Elizabeth Hurley has been named by readers of the Daily Telegraph as Britain’s favourite bird has been greeted with delight by the nation’s bird fanciers.

The much loved Hurley is a common sight in our gardens and is easily identified by her prominent orange breast, often referred to as ‘that plumage’ by aficionados.  She is highly territorial and can often be spotted begging for worms near gardeners who are doing a bit of digging.

As autumn approaches she can be sighted on telegraph wires preparing for the long migration south to Australia where she mates with scruffy males who spend their time watching crickets. The Hurley and her mate tweet loudly and frequently as they perform their courtship displays, often in in full view of observers.

In the Daily Telegraph poll, the Hurley came top of the pecking order, narrowly beating the Princess of Kate and some old crow called Mary Berry.

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