Crucified rabbit ‘was administrative error’

cross bunny

The magic rabbit may have laid its last egg.

Harold’s vicar, Rev Tansey Forster, has distanced herself from an event that saw a large-ish rabbit nailed to a cross on the village green.

Although she admitted telling children that the ‘Easter bunny’ wasn’t real and that the focus of the holiday should be more on capital punishment, she denies giving explicit orders to crucify a fat rabbit.

“It’s no secret that the bunny and I didn’t really see eye-to-eye”, admitted Forster. “And that’s not just because I’m diabetic.”

Harold’s Easter festival had been sub-contracted to a team of Chinese festivity specialists, to give Forster more time to spend as an official taster at the Dunstable food bank.

“I can see now that my instructions may have been misconstrued, and while a lot of children were upset, at least chocolate eggs are no longer clouding their judgement”, she insisted.

Cllr Ron Ronsson has stepped in and had the rabbit taken down, and replaced by a fairly similar looking live one.

“Well would you look at that, it’s a miracle!”, said Forster. “And if you’ll believe that, you’ll believe anything. Look kids! He’s fine! He only nailed himself up there to remind you that this was all your fault.”

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