Rupert Murdoch ‘must be held responsible’ for Rupert Murdoch world says.

imageFollowing his tweet suggesting all Muslims must be held responsible for jihadists, the world has responded saying Rupert Murdoch should be held responsible for Rupert Murdoch.

“An ancient ideology, with extremist views that are not comparable with a modern progressive society”, is how one commentator described Mr Murdoch.

“There is a deep irony asking people to be responsible for others they have never met and don’t agree with, when you are the head of News International.

“If one man cannot be held responsible for people he employed when they hacked a dead girl’s voicemail because he couldn’t seem to even recall his own name, asking Muslims to be responsible for the actions people thousands of miles away is a bit hypocritical, if he can remember what being a hypocrite is.”

If he needs help remembering, it’s what his paper, that he isn’t responsible for, called Russell Brand because of his landlord’s tax arrangements forgetting his own tax affairs, which he’s not responsible for, may not be in the best order.

The answer, say the world, is for Rupert Murdoch to at least take responsibility for Rupert Murdoch, something he claims he cannot be held responsible for.

Since the attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo there have been calls to close all outlets of hate, fanatical views, extremist tendencies and irrational doctrine, but Murdoch has insisted he won’t be closing Fox News.

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