Free-range eggs ‘were just round things found near chickens’


Customers also unsure whether to keep them in the fridge

A Farmer in Harold is under fire after claims his free-range eggs were actually ’round things he found in a field’.

PC Flegg confirmed she’d received a number of calls from disgruntled locals, mainly from the payphone in Dunstable A&E.

“It seems that rather than selling ova from happy hens, farmer David Evans has been boxing up small rocks, clumps of soil and the occasional dog’s egg”, explained Flegg.

“Aside from the obvious questions about hygiene and trading standards, my breakast was ruined by dipping my soldiers in an old doll’s head.”

Evans defiantly claimed there’s nothing wrong with his ‘eggs’, and instead laid the blame on ‘townies’.

“If it’s round and smeared in chicken shit, then chances are it’s an egg”, claimed the farmer, while holding his elderly cock.

“But I will say the ones with ‘Titleist’ on take a little more boiling.”

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