President Obama pleads to be released from Wales


“It’s not fair. The worst thing that happened to George W was a pretzel.”

Currently held captive by the Nato summit Barack Obama has spoken of his despair on being trapped in South Wales.

“I was told that people here shared our language and ideals,” he said. “But why is everything ‘tidy’ and what’s the meaning of that giant red wave on the waterfront?”

Confused and scared by an alien culture President Obama has found no respite at the summit itself.

“Everyone’s taking selfies and no one knows what to do about Isis,” he explained. “And tomorrow night we’re being served a dinner of typical Welsh food. I’d tell the Seals to bust me out of here if I could get a wi-fi signal.”

When asked what was the most trying aspect of his ordeal Obama didn’t hesitate:

“This weird moon-faced guy keeps following me around and asking me to call him Dave. Who the hell is he and why does he keep begging me to tell him what to do?”


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5 Responses to President Obama pleads to be released from Wales

  1. obama in wales is out of his zone here in the uk , that USA special friendship is now on decline ?….with PM FARAGE IN WAITING ?… he knows he has met his match ? with PRESIDENT PUTIN ?…..WHO SIDES WITH CHRISTIAN FAITH ?..AND UKRAINE PRESIDENT NOW ABOUT TO STOP THE WAR ……BOTH CHRISTIANS WORKING THROUGH THERE FAITH…….PRAISE THE LORD

  2. Barack Obama is probably is a nice man, someone to have a beer with, and watch sporting events, BUT: As Presidents of the United States, and international statesman, the young man is our of his element, especially in Western cultures…Pity the man, and concerns about the US that he leads without the required skills…