‘Clarkson not racist, just awful’ confirms BBC

Look what door he's stood in front of. Is this what's coming next?

Look what door he’s stood in front of. Is this what’s coming next?

Danny Cohen, the BBC’s Director of Television, has said that the corporation doesn’t think Jeremy Clarkson is racist but confirms that he is awful.

“I am convinced that Jeremy Clarkson is not racist,” Cohen wrote in a letter to the Guardian, “but merely a bully who mocks anyone who isn’t experiencing the world from his bubble of privilege.”

“Top Gear is a very flawed program,” the letter continues. “However it makes the BBC millions upon millions a year so we’re no more likely to axe it or sack Clarkson than we are to broadcast balanced coverage of the Gaza crisis.”

“So let’s everyone lighten up and look forward to the new series of Top Gear and some more ‘top bants’ from the lads.”

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have a combined age of 149.


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4 Responses to ‘Clarkson not racist, just awful’ confirms BBC

  1. This is a flawed article. The author is an ageist. What right does (s)he have to proclaim the Top Gear Trio a little long in the cumulative tooth? I’ll grant you Clarkson; I mean, just look at the pic! But the Hamster just keeps getting younger (must be all the cardio) and James May doesn’t look a day past September…

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  3. ‘So let’s everyone lighten up’? Who taught this moron grammar? And to say this was copied and pasted from a statement made by the BBC’s Director of Television that’s pretty disgraceful.

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