Diesel car drivers face £10 charge to help reduce smug levels

Drivers of diesel cars are to face an extra charge of up to £10 on top of the congestion charge in London to help compensate for the amount of smug they give off.

Environmental groups have welcome the plans saying the amount of smug given of by diesel car drivers when talking about their fuel efficiency is becoming a serious health risk to everyone.

A spokesperson for the Green Party said: “Smug levels in the South East and especially London have always been high, with ‘banker bonus season’ creating a smug cloud so bad it is hard to see the top of Canary Wharf.

“But that is just once a year. Diesel car drivers spend the whole year giving off harmful emissions every time someone mentions miles per gallon.”

The proposals brought forward by London Mayor Boris Johnson will come into force by 2020, but some opponents to the plans say he is being hypocritical.

One diesel fan said: “By 2020 our research suggests Boris Johnson would have given off more hot air than all the diesel cars in London put together.”

He also questioned the real harm caused to others by diesel car drivers spluttering out facts about the benefits to the pocket of diesel.

“The only person I know that has been harmed by my eulogising exhaust fumes is me. Last week when I explained to a friend why he was an idiot to have just bought a petrol car, he punched me three times.”

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