Disappointment as BNP’s new leader doesn’t look obviously demented


Ex-BNP leader Nick Griffin: if only all unspeakable gits were this easy to spot

Despite it being one of their favourite sayings the BNP have proved that they don’t all look the same by voting in a new leader who doesn’t look like the villain in the most rubbish pantomime ever.

“It’s disappointing,” said keen politics follower Ceaserina Okereke. “This is the era of clone politicians: main three parties – interchangeable posh white Oxbridge man, BNP – proof that your nan was right when she said ugly thoughts on the inside make you ugly on the outside. Now this new bloke just looks like a bloke. It’s such a shame.”

However Adam Walker, the new leader of the BNP, was quick to assure voters that he’s easily as much of a shit as Nick Griffin.

“I’m one of the few teachers to be banned from the classroom for life,” he said. “And I love making racist claims about living in Britain that are so far from the truth it’s as if I’m going around insisting that Vernon Kay is a good idea. Plus I laughed when Aslan was killed, and Paul McCartney is my favourite Beatle.”

“I’m confident that I can soon occupy the same place in decent hard-working people’s hearts that Nick did.”



Adam Walker: in 2010 he was forced to admit that he has never been a member of the British Armed Forces despite wearing military uniform at BNP rallies. He claimed he wasn’t doing it to deceive but out of solidarity for those serving in Afghanistan. This is a common affliction amongst politicians. Ed Miliband dressed as Gaston de Foix at weekends for years.


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