BBC defends new show: ‘Famous, Rich and Sat Naked in a Puddle’


Before the financial crisis rain and puddles were fun.

The BBC have defended their new show Famous, Rich and Sat Naked in a Puddle against allegations that it is nothing more than poverty porn. Producer Richard McKerrow has denied that teaming celebrities with “naked losers” and filming them sitting together sans clothes in a puddle for seven days is in any way exploitative or demeaning.

“The purpose of this two-part documentary is to explore the issue of being naked and sat in a puddle,” McKerrow told us. “And that’s an issue that many people are facing across the UK. Viewers will see first hand what it is like when celebrities put their privilege and luxury behind them and do the same.”

Asked why, when all over the country there are people sat naked in puddles, there had to be any form of celebrity involvement McKerrow looked baffled. “Are you kidding? It’s not an issue if it’s just the underclass doing it. How can anyone understand something unless they see that bloke who kissed that woman in Coronation Street, her who used to be in S Club 7, no not that one the other one, and a posh model fleetingly experience it in a half-arsed way? Without celebrity involvement it would be authentic. I don’t see the point.”

However McKerrow did admit to one aspect of the program being over-hyped and exaggerated.

“Yeah, you got me,” he said. “Now you know who’s taking part I’ll put my hand up and admit to totally abusing the word famous.”

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