Audiences forced to not watch BBC3 online, instead of not watching on Freeview


Apparently, it’s a TV channel.

The BBC has announced plans to make viewers not watch BBC 3 online, instead of not watching it on Freeview. The move, which could save around £3 million a year, still leaves the channel costing an infinite amount per engaged licence fee-payer.

Some people are campaigning against the change, insisting that they should still be able to ignore the channel’s terrestrial output.

“It’s very inconvenient, I don’t watch the channel every night. And sometimes I record it, so I can not watch it later”, complained Pippa Delaney. “But I know the youths these days prefer to not watch something on their iPhones or tablets. So I suppose with 4G, they can now not watch it on the bus.”

Delaney wants the money saved to be spent on more highbrow programmes, that can be watched briefly on BBC4 and then switched off adter a few minutes, once viewers realise they don’t understand it.

“I enjoy not understanding BBC4, it provokes interesting discussion”, she insisted. “Only the other day, I was asking my friend what they understood least about a documentary on cultural hegemony’s influence on Mesopotamian art. Apparently, she didn’t understand the premise, the content or what the presenter was wearing. She beat me, I switched over when I couldn’t  pronounce the title. That was even more confusing. Did you know the BBC has a channel that just shows rows of empty green seats in a posh old building?”

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