Giraffe dead, now Danish children ‘forced to maim otters with hammers’


Sweet dreams, kiddies!!!

In its latest public relations triumph, Denmark is to give all its schoolchildren the opportunity to maim and slaughter healthy rare animals in the nation’s zoos.

Following the popular move to kill Marius the giraffe yesterday and cut him up in front of an audience of retching kids, Copenhagen Zoo’s science director and blood-crazed psychopath Bengt Holst now insists the orgy of slaughter must continue.

“Yes, there were alternative zoos across Europe keen to take this healthy animal,” conceded Holst, “But what they do not understand is that I MUST KILL KILL KILL, RIP DEAD GUTS AND SPLINTER BONES IN MY TEETH. That’s the very valid point that they’re missing.”

The rest of Denmark’s zoos are now rapidly being fitted with child-friendly “Death Zones”, where parents can leave their children in a safe, supervised environment to smash in the heads of animals with hammers.

“I’m actually proud because I think we have given children a huge understanding of the anatomy of animals that they wouldn’t have got from looking in books,” father of two Stenbaek Bro told journalists today. “Yes, my children will have to endure a lifetime of terrible blood-drenched nightmares as they endlessly relive the horror of maiming a family of otters, but think of the benefits. I am a psychiatrist.”

Denmark’s Minister in charge of Tourism and National Publicity Martin Lidegaard brushed off concerns that the country’s psychotic death lust would in any way put off tourists. “Oh God God God God God no! Nooooo!!!” he explained this morning, before putting on a gazelle costume and hanging a sign round his neck reading: “KILL ME NOW”.


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16 Responses to Giraffe dead, now Danish children ‘forced to maim otters with hammers’

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  2. Frands Thygesen

    Shame on Bengt Holst !

  3. some times humans are brutal savages.

  4. The European Royalty was produced by centuries of inbreeding and most “Danes” are half breeds from their pure Viking stock. It is good to know you have millions of human animals to butcher and feed to the lions. The children can take their hammers and slaughter all the non pure breeds of Europe and cleanse the continent of their genes. Carry on and hail Hitler the holocaust is back and thriving in Denmark. We want to see some beautiful lions and not white trash like Bengt Holst. Enjoy the bloodbath, we can’t wait till you are all dead and the rest of us can enjoy the real beauty of Mother Nature in the giraffes and not human gutter trash. P.S. you won’t be getting my tourist dollars, LOL!!!!!!!!

  5. karenlyonskalmenson

    our species is feces 🙁

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  7. karenlyonskalmenson

    okay people
    before it is too late.
    take a giant step away
    from all that hate.
    do not dump on any nation,
    any religion or race…
    or you are just a waste
    of space.
    every nation has its cruel
    to start slinging vicious barbs.
    is time misspent!!!

    • Denmark is a country that allows owners of animals to offer their bodies for humans to rape….bestiality is legal in Denmark, they also permit the barbaric, sadistic, brutal slaughter of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands, in what can only be called a medieval, barbaric act of brutal killing, they need more than vicious slinging barbs, they need to be shunned by the world until they stop both, along with the murder of innocent animals bred for this display of sadistic brutality, and showmanship, a stunt that has backfired.

      • And in the west mothers get away with killing their babies and leaving them in the trunks of their cars. Danes and Swedes are lovely people. Check your own gov. before you bash theirs.

  8. I deeply hope this was a joke. And if not I deeply hope the guy will be dead soon.

  9. whatever next? Will the Danes bring in a law to state that parents of disabled children should feed them to the lions?

  10. WE ARE CHOCKED, DISGUSTED FOR THE SHOW OF THE MURDER OF MARIUS!!! you are dangerous sick people, you deserve a psycanalist to see what’s wrong in your mind! how can you invited children to this awful show! no MORE TOURISM IN DANEMARK !!! no more

  11. The world is becoming more and more evil, just as God has said. How people can live with themselves, knowing the awful way they treat innocent animals is just beyond comprehension