‘Nazi-MP’ steps down: ‘Tories too right wing for me’


The Conservative MP at the heart of a Nazi-party controversy has announced he will step down from his position saying even he thought “the party was drifting further right than the Third Reich”.

“I may have bought Nazi costumes but I didn’t realise there was a serious risk they would become standard uniform,” Aidan Burley said.

“But the way we are treating all foreigners with suspicion and giving them an automatic guilty tag mixed with our attempts to kill off the poor, even Hitler would have been embarrassed.”

Mr Burley had said he was sorry for purchasing the Nazi costumes but his party said his actions were “unacceptable”.

A party investigation at the time found that the party, organised by Mr Burley, included chants of the names of prominent Nazi figures and a “Nazi-themed toast”.

It concluded that his action had been “deeply offensive” and a “clear case of a Conservative MP moving left of Tory”.

Burley has said he is ready to join a ‘leftie party’ now and will look at the possibility of standing for Ukip.

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